Welcome to the CESM Workflow for CMIP6 documentationΒΆ

What the workflow script will setup for you:

  • Creates the CESM case
  • Sets up the full post processing suite
  • Retrieves the CMIP6 experiment information from the experiment database
  • Determines which variables need to be outputted by CESM
  • Sets your CESM and post processing XML variables
  • Creates the input specifications needed to generate the published version of the data
  • Sends the case information to the database for an initial check-in
  • Sets up the Cylc environment for you based on your CESM environment.

What can the Cylc interface run automatically for you:

  • All CESM jobs
  • The short term archiver between each CESM job
  • The four main component diagnostic packages
  • The time series generator
  • Create the publishable files
  • Command line scripts

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